EC- Active to open Cape Town Branch

Pretoria, October 6, 2014.
After eighteen months, and the development of 350 young athletes in Pretoria and Johannesburg, EC Active has decided to plant roots in Cape Town. EC Active will open EaglesClub, a brand of EC Active (PTY) Ltd., in the Western Cape. 

EC Active will use EaglesClub, to develop young athletes from ages 13 to 23 in the Western Cape. EaglesClub is an Olympic sports development company focused on producing opportunities to support and develop future South-African Olympians. “We constantly pursue our goals to better the environment for our athletes and grow the passion Olympics brings to many others around the world”, Schmidt says.

COO (Chief Operational Officer) Themba Madima who recently competed in the Invictus Award season for Paco Rabanne states that EaglesClub is giving the opportunity for young up and coming athletes who are willing to fully commit to their goals, but need the structures and platform to achieve them.

Drikus Viljoen and Willem Martinson , managers at the Cape Town branch, are of opinion that the Western Cape is in direct need of an athletics development platform such as EaglesClub. “There is a huge desire for athletic support in the Western Cape. Therefore, we are so excited to bring EaglesClub to the Cape. There would be more supporters, if only athletics in the Cape could get the right exposure.” EaglesClub is on a mission to give athletics the glory and shine it deserves. Mostly through media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BACKTRACK.

BACKTRACK, another brand of EC Active (PTY) Ltd., was also launched this year. It is focused on creating a platform of exposure for South African track and field athletes. This includes: race videos, articles, workout videos, documentaries and much more. Furthermore, BACKTRACK filmed the first 100m race ran under 10 seconds in South Africa. Together Backtrack and Eaglesclub forms the most interactive track and field page on Facebook.

Aside from donating a kidney to a child, EC-Active has spent R128 000 on the development of children, co- hosted the New Balance Night Cross-Country race in 2013 and 2014, established a running club and featured on SABC, Supersport Blitz and ENCA. Eaglesclub also co-hosted the 2nd annual Eagles Classic Shootout 600m with Hoerskool Waterkloof at which top 400, 800 and 400m hurdles athletes are invited to compete against each other in a 600m, both years won by Thapelo Madiba.

EC Active (PTY) Ltd. was started by (Olympians) Lehann Fourie, Pieter Pieter Skroef Smith, (HPC Manager and 2009 Junior 800m Bronze medalist) Themba Madima and (Investor) John Judge in October 2012.

EC Active is aiming to become an oasis for athletes in South Africa to be developed into Olympians, and being able to follow a career in athletics through its infrastructure. “If we made a difference in one kids’ life, we failed. Our goal is not about an individual but more about the community,” Schmidt stated.

EC Active’s biggest year up to date will be 2015, where all the planning will come together. More schools will be targeted for training camps, more athletes will feature on the BACKTRACK site, EaglesClub will launch its new racing gear and an official premises will be made available for athletes to train at.

Jana Jacobs
PR Manager