Kyla Meyer - Step by Step

I know I train hard, I try to stay positive. I think of my future and what I want to achieve”

This is the mindset of 14-year old Kyla Meyer from Hoerskool Kemptonpark. Kemptonpark home to IAAF level 5 coach JJ Smith. And the school has produced top 800m athletes like Monique Stander the SA u/17 record holder, Anelda Pypers, Celia Stramrood as well as Anuscha Niice who just recently ran a 2:03 at the World Student Champs.

Oom JJ motivates us a lot and works with us very intensely”

Kyla Meyer went to Laerskool Impala and this is where her athletics dreams started. She only did the 1200m and Cross Country in primary school and only made the leap tp the 800m and 400m in Highschool under the guidance of coach JJ. In Grade 5 she did not make her own Primary school team and at that stage she gave up for about a month. Motivated by her father she got back into running and from there onward it only got better. We sometimes forget what big roles our parents play in our success in life, and this just goes to show that there are times that your parents know what is best. What followed when she entered High School exceeded her own expectations.

At the Super Interhigh this year she won the u/14 girls 800m in a time of 2:16.

It has always been my dream to break 2:18. The first 400m I didn’t feel good at all, but when 300m to go hit I just went for it”

At the end of the day Meyer walked away with the Victrix Lodorum for the best Track and Field athlete at the meeting. Kyla says she is motivated by training partners Celia Stramrood and Marizaan Mccabe. The senior in the group, Anelda Pypers, never gives up no matter how hard it gets, and Meyer says this inspires and motivates her to achieve that same mindset.

Kyla’s long term goals are to win the 2016 title at SA’s for her age group, the Youth Olympics when she is 17 , to run a 2:06 before she finishes with her Highschool career, to one day have a SA record behind her name and to follow in the footsteps of Anuscha Nice.

It took her quite a few years to break through. But she never gave up and always kept pushing”

When asked for her favorite quote she didn’t think twice before mentioning Phillipians 4:13 (‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength’). SA now has another young lady in the mix to chase that sub 2 min barrier, as barriers seems to be the main dish these days. Kyla is a very humble being and you’ll barely see her without a smile or a quick friendly conversation. And on the track she gives her best and runs as hard as she can. She has everything it takes to develop into a great 800m athlete.

Every day, with everything I do I get a step closer to reach my dreams and that is what motivates me to get right back into training day after day” – Kyla Meyer

Written by Marzanne Aldridge together with Adriaan Aldridge