Longjump – 8.38m (+1.4) – 4th on the World Rankings

The saying ‘every setback is a setup for a comeback’ is a saying most athletes, especially Ruswahl Samaai, can relate to. After struggling with injuries for almost most of his athletics career, Samaai surprised the world last year by jumping himself into a Commonwealth Games bronze medal position. The 2015 season started exceptionally well when he flew over the pit to an 8.38m personal best jump! However, injury struck again and the youngster was sidelined for more than ten weeks…

Ruswahl is one of those athletes who, despite his injuries and other setbacks, continue to believe that his best is yet to come. He wears his sporting attire every day, he eats healthy, he follows a strict rehab programme and he invests in his mental strength more than anything. God is not done with him yet and we also believe that the best of Ruswahl Samaai is yet to come.

With just about 2 weeks left to this year’s World Athletics Championships, it is great to see the long jumpers showing form; the more (competition) the merrier! The pressure is on and Samaai is without a doubt the underdog heading into this competition! In retrospect, the last time I had a chat with Samaai, he uttered the words ‘I have a World Championship to win, talk later’. It indeed proves to be a mind over matter thing. The 2015 national champion is ready and hungry for action and we believe his best jumping will come at the right time. He will have to compete against countrymen Zarck Visser and Godfrey Mokoena. Not only them but Olympic champ Greg Rutherford who has been showing good form lately and Marquis Dendy from USA.

If Samaai can pull out another 8.30 jump he will surely be in the medal postitions!

Backtrack and South Africa supports Ruswahl Samaai.


Written by Reggie Hufkie