Dylon Cotter Dylon Cotter

Cotter is one of South Africa’s top long jumpers that barely get the limelight. However, after making a huge 8.16m comeback jump in February, he will give South Africa and the world many reasons to take note as he flies over the long jump pit. After many years of injury struggles, Cotter is highly motivated and ready for Rio! At some point South Africa may have thought that the star was a one-hit-wonder when he jumped an 8m jump early last year after which not much was heard from him; but what people don’t know is the fact that Cotter is very prone to injuries and every time he reaches a peak, something bad tends to happen. The transition between his junior and senior jumping years saw Cotter suffering a Grade 3 tear in his calf, many hamstring tears and numerous niggles whenever he was in perfect jumping shape. Cotter is an athlete who goes about his athletics and everything he tackles very quietly and private, hence South Africa still has to find out who the star really is.

Dylon Cotter is a 24 year old born and bred Gauteng star who was moulded into the man he is today by his family and King Edward School. “King Edward is the perfect school to guide you in the right direction; but being disciplined was important and I apply that in my daily lifestyle, not just in athletics but in life” mentioned the in-form KES alumnus who looks forward to representing his country at Olympics. After many injury struggles, Cotter said:

“Rehab may have helped my leg at the time, but definitely didn’t help my emotions. After 9 months of finding courage and pride within myself, I then began to train and condition myself into an athlete again”. In retrospect, through all the hardship and pain, he turned to people to only hear they stopped believing in him. The long jump star has suffered many injuries physically and mentally, but after a lot of mental and physical work and seeing specialists, Cotter found himself ranked amongst the top five jumpers in the country jumpers again.

The big break came when the UJ jumper asked legendary Owen van Niekerk for assistance: “With me, dedication and persistent personality combined with Mr Owen’s knowledge and tannie Maryna’s psychology background, we trained once again, strengthening my mind and body to where I am now”. “My struggle has taught me to be a man and without my struggle I would never have become the athlete I am. I am filled with confidence in my dream of becoming the best jumper in the world”.

Despite the many adversaries he faced, Dylon believes he will make the Cotter surname proud at the 2016 Rio Olympics Games.


Written by Reggie Hufkie