Clarence Munyai is the South African junior and senior 200m champion. What makes this feat special is that it is the first of its kind over this distance by an 18 year old! This athlete is one for the future and, having already qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, is showing great potential to be one of the best in world very soon. Let’s find out more about Clarence:

What is your nickname? “Clarry”

Where on earth did you get the name? “My full name is too long to pronounce, so I prefer Clarry” (Clarence versus Clarry? What is your take?)

How do you cope running against guys that are older than you? “Beffore I race against them, I watch Floyd Mayweather fights to keep me calm, because he teaches people how to be calm before big events and to always believe in yourself”

Where are you originally from? “I am a Joburg boy (haha), but currently boarding in Pretoria for 3 years”

Single or taken? “I am taken by the beautiful Caroline Mosime”

What is your biggest athletics achievement and what is the best place to run at? “Becoming the youngest athlete ever in S.A to win the junior and senior national title in the same year and UJ is the best place to run at”

Who is your role-model and why is that person your role-model? “Floyd Mayweather, because despite losing the Olympics in 1996 by bad judging, he made himself a promise since then that he will dedicate himself and come back from that defeat and will never lose a professional boxing match and now he holds the record for his 49 unbeaten fights. He is the greatest boxer of this era”

What other sports and teams do you support? ” I am a big soccer fan, I support the best team ever: Manchester United” (Anyone begs to differ?)

If you were to be a super-hero…who would it be? “I would be my mother as she was my hero my entire life”

 Well, there you have it, Clarence Munyai, the guy to watch out for!