Known as one of the fastest starters and most powerful athletes in the sprinting business, Emile Erasmus is most definitely one to be looked out for! This star athlete always finds himself on the podium with the finest sprinters in South Africa, so before he hits the big time, let’s find out a little bit about this powerhouse:

What is your nickname? “Miela”

The biggest moment in your athletics career? “When we ran the  u/23 National Championships 100m final in Stellenbosch in 2014. It was only then that I realised that I can run with the other guys and actually keep up” (Wow, and he has been making his mark ever since!)

What school did you attend? “Overkruin High School”

What is the craziest thing you have ever done? “I eject the USB without safely removing it…haha” (Haha I wonder who else does this? Anyone else?)

Favourite place in the world and favourite food? “Why is this so difficult…give me a second” (5 minutes later) “Okay, I got it: Tokyo, Japan  and my grandmother’s ‘kookkos'” (Kookkos= home made food mmmmm)

Name one thing people do not know about you? “I’m an all-out gamer”

Please tell us more about being an ‘all-out gamer’? “Haha okay uhm… platforms don’t matter, but I am a PC guy. Playing mostly off-line RPG, strategy or First Person Shooters. Favourite game, Mass Effect trilogy and then a bit of online gaming, mostly Dota” (Talk about a professional!)

So, what other sports and teams do you support? ” Rugby: Blue Bulls and Springbooks and Soccer (a little bit): Chelsea and Germany”

What Is the last thing on your mind before you settle in the blocks? ” I tell myself to stop thinking and just react” (No wonder he is such a good starter)

Lastly, who inspires you and why? “Usain Bolt, only because he is defying the laws of sprinting, because everyone always thought that only short people can sprint, and he was one of the first tall people to actually compete against the rest and against all odds became world champion” (Interesting law defying information indeed)

We wish Emile a faster start and even stronger finish as he heads to international competition and tackling the world. We are very proud of you.