Nolene Conrad is one of the most versatile elite runners in South Africa, reason enough to see her on the podium in track, road and cross country races. The star athlete has overcome adversity in all aspects of life and currently finds herself as one of the most respected athletes in the country. Let’s find out more about this champion:

What is your nickname? “I have a lot of nicknames, but Nola is the main one”

Where do you hail from? “Blue Downs, Cape Town.”

Highlight of your athletics career? “My highlight of my career was winning SA Track & Field champs and breaking the 3000m Steeple-chase record in 2006. It was the race which I made a name, and I remember that amazing feeling of winning my first SA Senior title!”

Favourite place in the world? “My favourite place is definitely Stellenbosch (where I currently live). I must say, I have a soft spot for Germany, it’s so beautiful there” (Stellenbosch is indeed one of the most scenic places in SA)

Favourite food? “My mom’s food, especially her Sunday meals: chicken pie, butternut, roasted potatoes etc. nothing like a mom’s meal”

Favourite series, movie and music? “I have two favourite series’: Modern Family and Grey’s anatomy, movie: I enjoy inspirational movies such as Coach Carter and favourite music: R&B, I love listening to Beyoncé and Drake”

Describe yourself in three words? “Hard-worker, ambitious, fun”

What does a daily menu look like for Nolene Conrad? “It looks more or less like this, breakfast: yogurt with muesli, egg with toast and coffee (must!), lunch: chicken with rice and salads and dinner: steak with potatoes and salad or pasta (all depends what is on the menu at Stellenbosch Academy of Sport)”

Who is your role-model? “Elana Meyer- she has been my role-model from when I started running. She is an amazing woman, and I respect her not only for what she has achieved, but for what she is doing for our sport and the youngsters in her program Endurocad. She is the best mentor any athlete could ask for, she supports  me 100%, she guides me to make the best decisions and she inspires me” (Thank you for everything Elana Meyer)

Something people do not know about you? “I am not sure if people know that I Cum Laude’d my degree in Sports Management at the University of Western Cape and have my Honours in Sport Management as well as my PGCE (UJ)” (Academics is very important in an athletes career)

And that is just a snippet of the big life-story of the woman who is still to take the world by storm. Nolene Conrad, the South African athletics community wish you well as you work towards qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games!

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