Rynardt Van Rensburg is one of those athletes who makes running an 800m look easy, whereas it is the total opposite. His almost flawless running technique and tactical awareness in 800m races are somewhat intimidating to many, but the guy on the track (almost like a lion) is the somewhat different to the guy off the track (a rather gentle persona). Backtrack Sports had a chat with the World Student Championships bronze medallist:

Nickname? “Rynie (haha)” (Hi there Rynie hehe)

Biggest athletics moment in your career? “My biggest moment in athletics was in Velenje last year when I ran my personal best and also qualified for my first World Champs (1.45.40)”

One thing that not many people know about you? “Until the age of 16 I wanted to play rugby and it was my favourite sport” (We are grateful that you came to athletics instead)

Favourite movie, series, music and what do you do for fun? “Movie: Southpaw, Series: Arrow, Music: Hip Hop music like Pitbull and Chris Brown and I play action cricket once a week for fun”

Who is your role-model and why? “David Rudisha, because he ran the fastest 800m time in the history of athletics, but he remains humble!” (Humility is key in everything you do)

Single or taken? “Taken by a 400m athlete from Tuks” (Enough said)

What does a day in the life of Rynardt look like? “Morning: early gym, I study Bcom Marketing, so I attend class and study the remainder of the day until my afternoon training session and in the evening I am relaxing, studying and I usually recover from the day’s training”

Describe yourself in three words? “Energetic, Confident and funny” (He was asked to tell a joke, but took too long to respond hehe)

Who is your coach? “My dad Derek Van Rensburg! He has always believed in me and even when I doubted myself, he believed. This has helped me through a lot of tough times of which I am grateful for!”

Favourite and worst training sessions? “Favourite: Hills and worst session: endurance sets, 1000m’s”

Favourite food? “Chicken Snitchel with cheese sauce”

Van Rensburg has been under the spotlight since running his personal best last year, and we hope he gets to that very form in order to qualify for the Rio Olympic Games soon! Backtrack Sports and the athletics community wishes you well champ.

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