The single leg clean is just another variation of power cleans that one can do. The great thing about the single leg clean is that one is able to identify deficit in power between the left side and the right and help in improving that deficit to generate power as equal as possible on both sides. It is good for explosive power which is generated from the glutes but also activate other muscles in the lower and upper body. Excellent to build power and balance for athletes.

New exercises challenge the body and mind thanks to @waldoathletic (instagram) for another quality session.

Important to make sure that your technique and form is correct to prevent risk of injury.

Gym motivation! If ever you needed it. Single leg cleans. Another day the office with the gym guru Waldo from WaldoAthletic Carina Lindeque #Gym #Explosive #DiaryOfAGymingVenda #Ndaa

Posted by Themba Madima on Tuesday, September 27, 2016