Dikgale on a mission

Anyone who knows athletes or had the opportunity of running the gruelling 400m race will know that this is not a race for the faint hearted and Ranti Dikgale is exactly the type of athlete that this race is built for. He is the definition of hard work, perseverance, commitment, resilience and self-belief wrapped up in a no retreat no surrender attitude.

 One thing you can be certain about is that this tough Limpopo raised man from Phalaborwa is a steaming train that continues to get better as he matures. 2016 has seen Dikgale break the 46 second barrier for the first time in the 400m after running consistently in 46 seconds for many years. Dikgale ran an impressive 45.78 at the opening of the BestMedTuks Mondo stadium after battling with many injuries over the past years. This was a sign of great things to come and a just reward for a man who has been a loyal student of the 400m event.

 2017 is showing signs of being a potentially rewarding season for Dikgale as he clocked 45.92 at his opening 400m race at the UJ Nkwalu Invitational and in his words: “more good times are on the way.” Dikgale is extremely competitive and is one of the toughest athletes you will find in South Africa. He ran in 2 Classic Shoot-Out series in 2017 winning the 600m in an impressive 1:16.37 and also ran the 300m missing out on 3rd spot by 00.02(2 split seconds/twohundrends of a seconds) in a time of 33.26. He has a great balance of endurance and speed which will make him a definite athlete to watch over the 400m in South Africa and he might just be ready to break the 45second mark and step into the 44second as the 4th South African to do so. One thing we can be guaranteed of is that Dikgale is on a mission and he shows no signs of slowing down yet. Keep an eye on the Phalaborwa express because it’s coming fast.